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1. DIVERGENTE is conceived of as a digital media translator of the contemporary world, dedicated to revitalising real research. We favour multimedia and “mixed media” narrative styles with a focus on depth and context, produced by a multidisciplinary team.

2. DIVERGENTE is predominantly journalistic by nature, using skills such as research, gathering, selection and handling of facts and opinions. We create spaces for stories and explore silences.

3. DIVERGENTE is guided by the criteria of independence, rigour, pluralism, transparency and editorial creativity. We reject all types of discrimination, namely of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political opinion, but also any other not mentioned here.

4. DIVERGENTE is governed by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and by the defence of international human rights. We should not remain neutral when human dignity or fundamental values for life in society are at stake.

5. DIVERGENTE is founded on original work and the vision of a permanent editorial team with guest authors, aiming to create a collective memory. We are not interested in the sprint, but in the long-distance.


Director: Paulo Nuno Vicente

Assistant director: António Granado

Publisher: Sofia da Palma Rodrigues

Photography and video: Diogo Cardoso

Design: Ana Grave e Luís Frias

Motion Graphics: : João Vaz de Oliveira

Collaborators: Sibila Lind, Mariana Barbosa, Ricardo Miguel Vieira, Tiago Pereira Carvalho